You’re Invited!

•December 4, 2006 • 3 Comments

Calling all CF-ers!

Do you hear bells ringing and presents being packed? Yeah, Christmas is just around the corner and it sounds like a superb reason to…P-A-R-T-Y-Y-Y!! Let’s come and celebrate this special day of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ in our trademark “together-gather” style 

Date : 18th Dec
(pretty sure you guys are booked on the 25th)

Venue : Sri Cendekia Condominium

(the condo opposite the road from coll)

Time : 7 pm

Everyone is invited, oh and there is a tiny pre-requisite…


It’s Christmas! Something small will do, maybe above RM5? As always its the thought that counts… will do some kind of lucky draw or random picks to distribute the present alright. Oh if you would like to give individual presents or to anyone special a extra…by all means, do so.

Lastly, this party is a brainchild from our loving Ms Kitty & Ms Lilian. *woooohooo*

See YOU there!

In His Glorious Name,



Theme & Objectives

•October 11, 2006 • Leave a Comment

[gathered from the previous CF meeting we had]


What does this theme mean or suggest to you?

As Christians, we are together UNITED by Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. Be it even that we come from different denominations, we strive for Him and only Him alone. In CF, each of us function as individuals working together for Christ, winning souls and spreading His good news wherever we are.

Is having meetings every week together unity?
Is having “makan” together unity?
Is having fellowship together unity?

All these serve as tools for us to reach unity together. First we need to come together, know one another and build strong deeper relationships with each other to truly live out the word unity. The worldly meaning of “Unity” is being and doing something together in peace and harmony. But for us as Christians, we are to come together as salt and the light of this earth sharing the Word and the love of God.

Besides excelling in our academics, let this also be another purpose for us, CF-ers in our college, UCSI. Let us together, strive as children of God from difference courses, races, identity and from many walks of life to make an impact in college. May it be 3 or 4 years or even less that we may have here in UCSI, do answer this call to make our college as the mission field.

“Why do u think God has put you here in UCSI?”

But never let us only concentrate and huddle together always in a group. For as too much salt will be salted out and lay useless, not being able to acheive its potentials. But, never also work alone without others, for salt which is too diluted also serves no purpose.

” But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”

– Matthew 5:13-

Therefore, CF can be used as a tool for us to reach out to others in our college, be it Christians or non-Christians alike! The outcome lies on each and everyone of your efforts, not mine, nor the committee alone. With God behind us supporting and strenghtening us, nothing is impossible! For as how he was a pillar of cloud and fire for Joshua, He too shall be for us.




“Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” -1 Thessalonians 5:11-

In CF, we are determined to build each and every one of you up. To prepared and equip you with necessities in helping you know how to share the good news to people you meet everyday. May you bless these people whom you have close contact to daily, be it your roommate, housemates, classmates or even neighbors.

Let CF be akin to your own personal training ground to try or learn new things which you may have an interest in. It could be that you have served in your home church or you would like to try something new. Let our CF provide you the opportunity to discover your respective calling to the various ministries that God is slowly pointing you into.

Therefore, as one body of Christ united under the Holy Spirit, let us all come together to serve our Lord God as brothers and sisters in our Christian Fellowship.

~God Bless~




“Life Testimony”

•September 18, 2006 • 5 Comments

This week FRIDAY in CF! We would be inviting a speaker, *ahem* dont worry no more Proffessor Lame! This time around, this speaker would be someone all of us already know. A prominent figure in our very own UCSI college, we present to you none other than…




Come and hear him speak about his life testimony. His hurdles as a Christian in the real working worl, challenges of serving God in college, organizations, church and at the same time uplifting the name of Christ wherever he goes.

So don’t miss this opportunity of up close and personal sharing with our very own VP!

Do invite any of your friends if they are interested!

See you Friday!

In His Service,



•September 10, 2006 • 13 Comments

Welcome welcome CF-ers!!


This blog is created for all of us CF-ers to be able to keep in touch and be connected to one another…A place for all of us to pen down our thoughts on our own wonderful CF we have in UCSI!

Any one of you CF-ers out there are entitled to access this blog and write anything you guys want and the rest of us can read…! The wonders of technology yea? Also to update on the on-goins of CF and the events and programs happening every week. So do do do do DO make this blog ur own and keep posted and posting!

Let’s keep in touch with one another, get to know one another more in line with our theme, “Together-Gather” to make it possible for us to uphold one another in Christ as well as friends!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you are doing”. [1 Thessalonians 5:11]

God Bless