Committee Members

President :


Andrew Au Soon Kay


Secretary :


Josephine Teh Suh Yun


Treasurer :


Kok Wei Way


Publicity Coordinator :


Jonathan Mah Tjun Tjin


Follow-Up Coordinator :


Leslie Lian Xian Loong


CG Coordinator :


Khoo Sin Lan


Praise & Worship Coordinator :


Jason Lee Chee Seng


Prayer Coordinator :


Lim Su Ann


FES Staff Worker :




“The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.”

– 1 Corinthians 12:12 –



13 Responses to “Committee Members”

  1. oi!! tukar gambar.!!!! tak cantik la hahaah:P

  2. eh eh?? no mua piX? wow..andrew looks like a street musician jo…the oni photo tat looks decent…wei way?> or omg..siapa tu….jon the DK king…more like the hunchback of cf…the pretty wan (compared to ANdrew hehe) n karyn…wowzer…

  3. Ahaha…couldn’t find any more photos! you ppl give me your nice nice photos lar i put up here…ehehe!

    Eh WW looks nice si si man man =P

    Jon : Cute what…like some evil elf!

  4. So benci dun la put pic..
    Anyway balik kindy la u.. Treasurer pun tak tau spell….
    p.s: In an unrelated topic..GOOD job in the blog :0 very well organized..

  5. Put ma so ppl can know who u are…if not you will be just another name to them..ahaha reminds me of the phrase “just another girl”! Lol…*pengsan*

    Ooo…new way of spelling…ahhha! MISTAKE LAR ishhh..

  6. hahahaha…superb comm ler…hehe…gr8 blog jo!…=)

  7. wait wait…mada da other comm members pics?!?…hrmmm…

  8. heya! eh josephine..always thought u are the vice-pres…but rupa-rupanya u are the sec..and there is no vice-pres?or are u both the vice n the sec?hehe..and din noe the rest of the committee until now too 🙂 eh put la all other pics..den can recognize them 🙂 anyways..nice blog..summore now can read ur’s n weiway’s blog too 🙂

  9. oh btw ur pic from peacehaven leh..can recognize the place 😛

  10. hhahahahah nice pictures…..
    good job to all the committee…..

  11. Must make a place for chit chat to take place..hmm…if not these comments will extend to no end!!

    Hey another note, this is not another blog for ME but rather for our CF yea? So if u ever want tp [pst up anything by all means’re welcome to do so as well =)

    Ehehe..let this blog be a connection to all of us as well as to share thoughts on past CF meetings as well as any other thoughts..ehehe!

  12. Oi.. change picture la hahaha

  13. hehe hi! ee yin here visiting this website for the 1st time ever…didnt know CF has a website..hehe till er recently..haha..always blur mah….well yeah CF committee..yah,though i rarely attend CF cause cause..most of you know the reason lar..but yeah,you committees are doing a great job..organizing the 1st ever CF camp in UCSI..which i couldnt go 😦 but looking forward to a 2nd camp and hopefully that time i can go..hahaha..yah continue to work together so that through CF, many students in our uni might come to know the LORD.can see that Cf has grow.remember that your effort and hardwork in CF is not in vain as you will be rewarded in heaven.haha wei a funny girl and hey my pink bag colour still quite ok you know..hehe..and josephine,dunno what to say but she is a pretty sweet girl and andrew..yeah..go andrew..all the best in your internship with malaysian care..lastly, conitnue to work together yah,not as individual but as one body in Christ Jesus so that God’s work may be accomplish through the CF.God bless.**why CF break so so long *** 😛

    The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.1 Corinthians 12:12(NIV)

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