CF Book Mark!!

Presenting to you…



Nice, isn’t it? Let’s give a big hand to Leslie (Marketing) @ Xiao Loong who very determinely made this bookmark. Kudos!!

I hope everyone has their copy of it. If not, do let us know! It’s a must have collectible 🙂 Hehehe…

By this bookmark you will be able to know the theme and objectives of CF this semester. Let it be a constant reminder to all of us our goals here in CF. This semester let us all equip ourselves, step up into the unknown and serve with Christ in us. So are you guys ready to rise up to this challenge?

Are you?


*pauses, deep in thought*

Plus, all the events every Fridays are listed behind so you would be able to get ready for it and invite your friends to join us!!

Those of you who have yet to receive this bookmark or would like to have more to give to your friends, just let us know yea? Drop an email or just comment on the box below.




~ by *CF-ers* on February 10, 2007.

One Response to “CF Book Mark!!”

  1. Very nice Xiao Loong!
    I got a copy of bookmark (curi-ed from Jason) heehee 🙂
    coz too nice leh tak boleh resist haha 😛
    keep it up!!!

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