Care Group Leaders

    In line with challenging you members to step up, here is an opportunity to serve in CF. As mentioned by Andrew during the last meeting, we need CG Leaders to be in charge of the respective groups that will be allocated.

Criterias for CG Leaders :

  1. A regular CF member
  2. Caring towards group members
  3. Sensitive to the needs of group members
  4. Commited as a leader
  5. Willing to serve
  6. Responsible and reliable

If you think you meet all the requirements as stated above, by all means do inform us 🙂 It would be our greatest pleasure to have you serve here in CF.

In His Service,



~ by *CF-ers* on January 20, 2007.

One Response to “Care Group Leaders”

  1. I think anyone who has the heart and passion for people would certainly fit into becoming a CGL. It doesn’t matter what experiences you’ve had or what abilities you think you have. All that matters is a simple step of faith of commitment unto God to care for people in the college. I hope many would sign up to be or just to learn to be a CGL so that they would be able to serve others better in the future. May the Lord increase our number by His grace and mercy. Amen!

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