A new year, a new begining, a new semester……with a new THEME!!

As the header reads,




For short or rather a catchier phrase (or for some easier to remember) :



Objective : Building and challenging members to step up and serve!

    This theme is very much in line with what we had last semester, a continuity of the objective “building up each other to serve”. So this semester, CF will continue to equip you and challenge each and everyone of you to step up and out from you comfort zone to serve! It may be a small step but it is still a step made, be it left, right, up or down. It may be serving in CF, in church, behind the scenes or infront but it all comes down to one thing, SERVING GOD.

    Taking up this challenge that CF has given to you comes from a willing and humble heart. We hope to open doors and give most of you the tiniest push to come out from your comfort zone. For some it may be something that has always wanted to be tried, such as worship leading, playing the guitar or even praying for the offering. These roles are not only just for those who perform them flawlessly but rather for anyone who has a heart or passion to try out. Let not trials and mistakes put you down but taken them as motivation to strive for better. CF is here as a avenue for all these to happen for you.

Below are the list of events happening each week, so don’t miss out!

January 19thTheme Talk

January 26th CG Groupings

February 2ndTalk Part 1 : “Knowing your gift”

February 9thTalk Part 2 : “ Why does God give us gifts?”

February 16th‘Lou Yu Sang’ Day

February 23rdTalk : Lifestyle of Worship

March 2ndTalk : What is Serving?

March 9thSkit Sketch

March 16thTogether We Serve

March 23rdMovie Screening : ‘Candle in the Dark’

March 30thMission Awareness Day

April 6th Easter Celebration

End of the semester – MISSION TRIP!!!

(Do lift us up  and keep us in prayer that everything goes well during the planning of this mission trip to the villages of the ‘orang asli’ of Peninsular Malaysia. For those who are interested or would like to help out in planning, do let us know as well.)


    Serving also starts by us serving others around us. Just as Jesus has come down to earth to serve us and died for us, let us be like Him and serve people amongst us.


— [John 13 : 1-20] —


    As in the Bible, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. Serving can be akin to this simple yet laborous task. To wash the feet, one must bend down and scrub the feet of another. Then one has to properly clean between the toes and soles and lastly wiping the feet dry. Serving others sometimes takes more effort than expected but remember God is watching you and He shall bless you abundantly for all you have done. For we are here to serve God and others around us as well.

In Christ Most Holy Name,



~ by *CF-ers* on January 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Equip.StepUp.Serve!”

  1. Well done! Updates as soon as it was mentioned on Friday=). I’m certainly looking forward to all the great happenings. Not forgetting all the miracles that the Lord will do to us this semester. For all who are reading this blog; do pray for us. May all the glory and honour be unto our King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen.

  2. Wee! Nice update!..tis place feels alive n kicking again! haha

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